Weekdays call or text 913-219-3960 or Email: dale@dalewilch.com

Swap Meet at the Ozark Empire Fair Grounds Springfield Missouri.

Edelbrock Performer 1406 performance 4 barrel 600 CFM electric choke carburetor

Mr Gasket Vertigate 4 speed drag race shifter with aluminum Tee handle too

Barn Find Weiand tall B/B Chevy square port dual carburetor 3 piece tunnel ram

Holley 650 CFM # 4777-2 double pumper dual inlet mechanical secondary carburetor

Holley 700 CFM double pumper carburetor list # 4777-2 body w broken base plate

Holley 0-80457-5 600 CFM Street Warrior Electric Choke 4 barrel performance carb

Universal 3 speed standard transmission floor shifter with chrome stick handle

Starrett 236 Combination Steel Rule Depth and Angle Gage English, 0-6″ Range

Edelbrock C4B S/B Chevy hi rise intake manfold for all square bore 4 bbl carbs

Holley 750 CFM list # 9645 alcohol race 4 corner idle double pumper carburetor

S/B Chevy Hooker Header Flange kit 11890HKR 5/16″ Round 2″ Spread Port Pattern

MSD 84697 Pro-Billet Crank Trigger low profile Chevy V8 Distributor for 6, 7 & 8

MSD Ignition 8620 B/B Chevy Crank Trigger Kit use with 6, 7 or 8 series systems

ATI 917300 Super Damper® Harmonic Damper/ Balancer neutral balance B/B Chevy

Milodon Drag Race Oil Pan 31187 B/B Chevy 8 quart Mark IV stock or tube chassis

Mallory Unilite 4758001 with vacuum advance all Pontiac 301 – 455″ V8 engines

Not a 671 / 871 Blower Supercharger a mini charger for Harley or Flathead Ford

MSD Ignition Systems 6A series box and an early Blaster hot coil w/ wire harness

Set of 5 Metal tire valve stem caps including a core removing tool you can use?

Eureka Sommer & Maca Chicago circle glass cutter adjustable radius tool up to 9″

General Tools 1260-4 1/2-Inch Solid Brass Grommet tool kit with few grommets too

Great selection of hand and combination wrenches with pickup at Dale Wilch’s Man Cave Swap Meet

Kansas City Auto Museum SWAP MEET SEPTEMBER 19, 2020 9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM

Machinist measuring micrometers and more from a moist environment at Dale Wilch’s Man Cave Swap Meet and Flea Market

Machine shop assorted thread taps, dies, handles and a few eazy outs at Dale Wilch’s Man Cave

2020 Pistons N Pin Ups Car Show Boulevard Drive In Sept 5th & 6th

This ain’t no V8 Vega, it’s a 1974 V6 Vega Kammback wagon and a fun sleeper hot rod

Fun Bug 1969 restored and ready to enjoy Volkswagen 1600 dual port

720 horse 572 CI RAT 1955 2 door post Chevrolet mini tubbed with all the good stuff (short video)

Sleds Midwest is happening August 21-23, 2020 in Branson, MO

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  • This is a very unique and powerful online “Do It Yourself” auction site and program that allows you to do assets liquidation at your location of 1 or a 1,000 items. I’ve been in the online auction business for over 20 years using eBay and several other websites. After years of online auctions and analyzing the pros and cons of the others, I have developed my own site and unique auction program. In studying the assets liquidation business these last few years including “In Home Estate Sales” I've found that you, the assets owner normally has more knowledge about the items being liquidated than an outside person with no connection or ownership to the assets who’s motivation is to turn your items to cash and generate their (sometimes as much as 50%) commission.  Here’s what’s required from you, a trusted friend or relative.
  • PC or laptop computer
  • Digital or Smart Phone camera
  • Email address
  • Desk Top Printer
  • A one hour simple training session in my office
  • Access to any word processing program
  • This is a fun, exciting and a great way to sell your assets and or collectibles to maximize your proceeds.You can try this with a small group of items to test this program first. If you have interest in holding an auction, I’d like to take a look at what you want to sell and give you some ideas to make this as easy as it can be during this time of selling your assets or collectibles. Please call or text Dale Wilch at 913-219-3960 to schedule an appointment to discuss this as an option.
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