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Chrome 14″ air cleaner base for Holley Dominator Mighty Demon big inlet carbs

1955 Auto Age car owners complete magazine Supercharged Kaiser Manhattan & more!

Fisher Body 1941 -1942 General Motors service manual w details and part numbers

Late 80s General Motors Performance Parts Catalog with details and part numbers

Chevy 1500 Silverado Tahoe Van Wheel Center Cap 6 Lug 9596661 Silver OEM GM

Chevy GEO Tracker Wheel Center Cap #CHVC279 (Black 4″ plastic) # 43252 56BAO

Chevy Center Cap 2007-2014 9596343 Silverado Suburban Tahoe Avalanche 1500 truck

1988-2000 Chevrolet Silverado Chrome 1 Ton Front Center Hub Cap Dually #78876

Chevrolet Chrome Wheel 6 Lug 1500 Series trucks vans Center Hub Cap OEM #46282

2007-13 Chevy Silverado Suburban 2500 OEM Wheel Center Cap 9596342 W Nut covers

Original 1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado Sierra Wheel Center Cap P/N 15712387

Original 2002 – 06 Chevrolet Trailblazer fits Alloy Spoke Wheels Center Cap 16″

New and used auto parts. Big selection of fuel filters and ignition parts. Auction closes Feb 8th

Nice used Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table

Wow a 1962 Chevrolet Chevy trucks original owners manual How cool is this?

Factory original LG1001-16 Chevrolet Suburban Tahoe Wheel Center Cap LTZ series

OEM Chevrolet 2500 3500 2001-10 Chrome Center Cap # 9597163 steel / alloy wheels

01-10 Chevy Silverado 15053705 1 Ton 3500 Truck OEM 8 lug Rear Chrome Center Cap

01-10 Chevy 15053704 Silverado 1 ton 3500 4500 Truck OEM Front Chrome Center Cap

NOS? DeTomaso Pantera emergency flasher hazzard dash push switch button light

1974-1995 CHEVY TRUCK Van 1/2 ton 5″ BP WHEEL CENTER CAP 14018276 77 79 and 80

4 pack Chevy 12MM 1.50 threads lug nuts with external threads for plastic caps

Machined aluminum Y style dual fuel line distribution block w fuel pressure port

Hurst 4 speed Super Shifter w reverse lock out mechanism no mounting or linkage

Barry Grant BG400-2 Electric Fuel Pump and serviceable filter case short element

Goin’ Fishin’ instead of just a wishin’ Rods, Reels, Tackle Boxes and lures at Dale Wilch’s Man Cave

Dwyer Series 2-5003 Minihelic® II Differential Pressure Gage 2-7/8″ Bezel OD

#8AN short steel braided fuel line with Red/ Blue both 90 degree hipo hose ends

#8AN short steel braided fuel line with Red/ Blue 45 & 90 degree hipo hose ends

Chrysler Mopar Carburetor Linkage Stud 1969-74 4-barrel transmission kick down

T Handle street rod trunk handle latch lever only Camper Shell Cover Lid

Bradley 5263-000000 Stainless Steel dual Toilet Tissue Dispenser with 16″ Shelf

20 inch 2 piece fabricated keep cool plastic and aluminum fabricated fan shroud

Brannock universal Foot Measuring Instrument device start selling shoes today

From the too good to throw away High Performance Holley carburetor parts box

Holley dual inlet double pumper float bowl screws for carbs with metering plate

Holley double pumper dual inlet cathedral float bowl plug kit finish for looks

Holley 3130 GM 3869933 EF 1965 Chevy Impala SS 396 425 HP L78 Carb Body & Base

1964 Cadillac 75 Series Guide Matic Twilight Sentinel control left of the speedometer

Set of 3 Antique Community Plate Patrician Relish Pickle Silver Plated Forks

Replacement DeTomaso Pantera Sipea cooling fan 12 volt relay might be NOS

NOS factory original DeTomaso Pantera D16Y-14529-A power window switch assembly

NOS Wells Ign #DR2017 distributor cap & rotor 4 cylinder Chevy Isuzu Toyota Pontiac

Pollak 42-151 6 Port Fuel Tank Selector Valve Chevy Dodge Ford GMC Pickup Trucks

Loaded up cool promotional Tee Shirts Galore auction @ Dale Wilch’s Man Cave

Photos and links to the next auction lots to close on MaximumBids.com

Man Cave Swap Meet & Flea Market Opens at 6 every Wednesday night in Kansas City

Using eBay Auctions to liquidate estates. All auctions start at 99 cents and go to the high bidder

Keep up with the latest auction lots on Dale Wilch’s MaximumBids.com site.

$5 sends your for sale, wanted or event listing to thousands of active buyers

New stuff every day all starting @ 99 cents and going to the high bidder

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Street Rod or Hot Rod cars, parts or events promoter: The Web Site URL www.800hotrods.com is included with the purchase of the phone number/ URL package. I don’t believe there’s an easier to remember phone number or website address to use in your marketing /advertising than these.

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Dale Wilch's online auction site.

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  • This is a very unique and powerful online “Do It Yourself” auction site and program that allows you to do assets liquidation at your location of 1 or a 1,000 items. I’ve been in the online auction business for over 20 years using eBay and several other websites. After years of online auctions and analyzing the pros and cons of the others, I have developed my own site and unique auction program. In studying the assets liquidation business these last few years including “In Home Estate Sales” I've found that you, the assets owner normally has more knowledge about the items being liquidated than an outside person with no connection or ownership to the assets who’s motivation is to turn your items to cash and generate their (sometimes as much as 50%) commission.  Here’s what’s required from you, a trusted friend or relative.
  • PC or laptop computer
  • Digital or Smart Phone camera
  • Email address
  • Desk Top Printer
  • A one hour simple training session in my office
  • Access to any word processing program
  • This is a fun, exciting and a great way to sell your assets and or collectibles to maximize your proceeds.You can try this with a small group of items to test this program first. If you have interest in holding an auction, I’d like to take a look at what you want to sell and give you some ideas to make this as easy as it can be during this time of selling your assets or collectibles. Please call or text Dale Wilch at 913-219-3960 to schedule an appointment to discuss this as an option.
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Dale Wilch's Man Cave Swap Meet & Flea Market happens every Wednesday night from 6-9PM

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